Driveway Gates Bedfordshire

Driveway Gates Bedfordshire

Driveway Gates Bedfordshire

Do You Need Driveway Gates in Bedfordshire?

Bedfordshire’s burglary rates went up by nearly 4% over the past year, and hard-pressed Bedfordshire Police don’t have the resources to keep up. 5,800 burglaries were committed across the region over the past 12 months but assistant chief constable, Jackie Sebire admits:

“It is important to look at our ability to investigate burglary in the wider context of pressures we face in Bedfordshire. We are funded as a rural force, yet face complex challenges usually seen in large metropolitan areas – so have limited resources and are currently facing unprecedented demand.”

Working Together to Secure Bedfordshire Properties

Bedfordshire Police emphasise the need for communities across the region to work together to drive down crime. To this end they’ve created BedsAlert which keeps residents informed on local incidents and – crucially – where burglaries are being committed. At 1st Choice Security Systems we are supporting the police by offering our clients advice on how best to secure their premises against burglars.

Driveway Gates for Bedfordshire

We’re often asked, ‘What’s the best form of defence against burglars?’ by home and business owners. As security experts we take this question very seriously. First and foremost we always say that there isn’t one ‘magical solution’ to the problem of unauthorised access. We would always advise an holistic approach, utilising a range of deterrents. However, driveway gates are a highly regarded first line of defence.

Why Security Gates for Bedfordshire Deter Burglars

Innovative research carried out by the University of North Carolina in 2012 interviewed convicted burglars about the homes they chose to target, and what they considered to be major deterrents to burglary. The top 5 reasons not to burgle a house were:

  • Difficult escape route.
  • Fences or gates.
  • Dogs on the property.
  • Motion sensor alarms.
  • Motion sensor lights.

Security gates provide a very clear obstacle to burglars, making it difficult to get in and out of the property. Climbing over driveway gates in Bedfordshire makes burglar vulnerable as they become visible to neighbours. The very existence of security gates suggests that there are likely to be further security features to be dealt with. There is always the danger that the gates could be alarmed, or be fitted with motion sensor lights.

1st Choice Security Systems Fit Driveway Gates in Bedfordshire

Since 2005, our security design and installation team have been providing bespoke security gates for Bedfordshire homes and businesses. We ensure that your property is secured by a professionally fitted gate, with access controls and alarm fittings if required. Our electric gate installations also look good. We can integrate the design with the style of your property exterior, or for businesses we can create an industrial look barrier for maximum deterrence.

Fitting driveway gates in Bedfordshire won’t guarantee that you won’t be burgled, but lowers your risk of unauthorised entry significantly. They will also drive up the value of your property. Estate agents tell us that having driveway gates is now a powerful differentiator for families when looking at properties.

In need of CAMESAFE Essex Commercial Gate Installers?

Our CAMESAFE Installers have vast knowledge and experience to be able to offer the required security solutions and automation safety for all our security gates in Bedfordshire.

If you live in Bedfordshire and you’re concerned about rising burglary figures, call us today to find out how we can help to secure your property or premises.

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