Gate Entry Systems

Gate Entry Systems

Gate Entry Systems

Gate Entry Systems

1st Choice security engineers have been installing security gates for two decades now. Over that time we’ve seen a huge growth in demand from homeowners, commercial premises, public buildings and industrial sites. And as the demand has grown, so has the range of designs, the variety of finishes, and the gate entry systems available.

Gate entry systems allow clients to control who enters their home, business or public building. Whether you’re managing access to an industrial plant, a school, or an office building, there are now a variety of gate access systems to choose from. In this blog we look at the most popular and consider their appropriateness for different contexts.

1. Push Button Control. This is the simplest and most basic access control available. A push button is installed in a security kiosk, or in the reception area or hallway. Visitors will make themselves known either visually (an identity card, or windscreen sticker), or via an intercom system. For residential electric gates a wireless push button can be carried in the car, or kept in the house.

2. Digital Keypad Access. This gate entry system is useful for smaller businesses where employees may need to access the premises outside office hours. In order to gain entry visitors are required to key in a pre-determined key code into the keypad. This is a convenient way to restrict access, but key codes need to be changed regularly, as it’s easy to diminish their security by sharing them.

3. Number Plate Recognition. In order for this system to work efficiently, all authorised number plates need to be entered into the system, and the database should be regularly updated to maintain security. There is also a remote push button to allow for visitors to enter, after providing identification. This tends to be popular with business premises where large numbers of employees arrive by car each day.

4. Card Reader System. Access is via a magnetic card with with a unique code inscribed on it. Your card is swiped on entry and, if recognised by the electronic reader, you’ll be granted entry. This is a simple, and efficient, way to handle a large volume of cars and people seeking access to a premises at specific times throughout the day.

5. CCTV System. This is normally installed to enhance the push button system. 1st Choice security engineers will assess the exact positioning required and fit internal or external CCTV cameras. These provide an HD image of the person requesting access via a monitor, or your mobile phone. Once authorised by sight the gate can be opened.

6. Unique Key Switch. Entry is dependent upon the insertion of a specific key. This form of access control is normally used in specialist or high risk facilities where entry is restricted to small teams, or visitors. Once the key is inserted, a remote push button control is activated, and the automatic gates will open.

Working With 1st Choice Security Systems

Whether we’re fitting your automatic gates, or providing a gate entry system for older, or legacy gates, 1st Choice security engineers will advise clients on an appropriate access control. We base our assessment on your specific requirements, the physical location of your security gates, and the volume of people who are likely to be requesting entry in the course of the day.

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