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Choosing the Perfect Driveway Gates For Your Property

More and more people in the UK are choosing to install driveway gates. First and foremost our clients tell us that they’re looking for the security that a controlled access gate can offer them. This isn’t the only reason though. Automatic gates are now so good looking, and affordable, that they’re fast becoming a must-have. And installing driveway gates bumps up the value of your property!

Over the past few years there’s been a design explosion in the automatic gates sector. Our design and installation team now spend as much time talking about colours and materials as they do advising on security features! We thought it might be helpful, therefore, to go through all the different factors to consider when choosing your driveway gates.

1. Choosing the Material for Your Driveway Gates

There’s now a huge range of designs utilising both wood and metal gates. The choice between the two often comes down to aesthetics and personal taste:

  • Wood – wooden gates are more traditional, and less threatening than metal gates. There are a range of wood to choose from, and the colour can be match to your property. We would recommend a hardwood for strength and durability.
  • Metal – highly decorative metal gates are now an option but they tend to be more expensive. Made from iron, steel or aluminium, metal gates provide a more robust defence than wood. They also require less ongoing maintenance.

2. Choosing the Style of Your Driveway Gates

This really depends on the purpose of your driveway gate. The majority of installations the 1st Choice Security Systems team install emphasise their security function. For this reason they tend towards traditional designs. If you are looking for a more creative approach, there’s a range of styles including wrought ironwork, arch-topped gates, spike-topped galvanised gates, and hand-carved wooden gates.

3. Swing or Sliding Gates?

We will always carry out a spatial assessment on your property, and advise on whether swing or slide gates will work best.

  • Swing Gates – it’s important to check that adequate clearance is available for either inward, or outward swinging gates. Any incline on the approach to your property could also cause installation problems.
  • Sliding Gates – these are excellent space savers, and an elegant solution if swing gates aren’t viable for your property. They can be fitted as tracked sliding gates or cantilevered sliding gates.

4. Security Options for Your Driveway Gates

If security is your priority, you’ll want to know that your gate is designed to offer robust protection. Key to this is the access control you choose:

  • Intercom – usually combined with a security camera, this allows you to see who is requested access before allowing entry.
  • Card-based – a swipe system has the advantage of providing instant access to trusted family members and friends. It is important to keep track of the cards, though.
  • Keypad – just type in a 4 digit passcode to gain entry. You can change the passcode as often as you like.

Why Choose 1st Choice Security Systems?

Our highly skilled security specialists have been advising commercial, residential and industrial clients on driveway gates for over a decade now. We will ensure that your gates look good, are professionally installed, and – most important – defend your premises against intruders. We believe that high quality security gates should look good and be affordable. And we’ll provide you with an informed, no obligation quote to show you what we mean by that.

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In need of CAMESAFE Security Gates for Driveways?

Our CAMESAFE Installers have vast knowledge and experience to be able to offer the required security solutions and automation safety for all our security gates for driveways.


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