Roller Shutter Doors Milton Keynes

Roller Shutter Doors Milton Keynes

Roller Shutter Doors Milton Keynes

1st Choice Security Systems Install Roller Shutter Doors in Milton Keynes

We’ve all seen roller shutter doors in place, normally in factories or warehouses where security is paramount. What’s surprising, however, is the range of commercial business that use this form of security access system. Recent installations in Milton Keynes have been for:

  • Office reception areas
  • Banks
  • Shops
  • Schools
  • Bars

They even have their part to play in the domestic environment. 1st Choice installers have fitted home garage doors and external doors with roller shutters.

Why are Roller Shutter Doors in Milton Keynes so Popular?

A roller shutter installation demonstrates to would-be thieves or vandals that you take security seriously. They’re normally constructed from strong, galvanised steel, making them a significant barrier to entry or wilful damage. The material and ribbed construction also strengthens the privacy of your business or home. Once shuttered, it’s impossible for anyone to see inside.

Whilst heightened security tends to be the primary purpose for installation, there are also a number of secondary benefits which are associated with roller shutter doors:

  1. Protection Against Fire: A roller shutter door is effective protection against the spread of fire for up to 4 hours. This means that they can be designated as a certified fire protection door on your property.
  2. Heat Insulation: Metal roller shutters can be a help in maintaining constant temperatures in your business. They keep hot air out in the summer, and maintain warmth inside during the winter.
  3. Noise Insulation: This cuts both ways. If you’re located in a busy city environment, your roller shutter door will keep the noise out. Equally, if your business generates noise, they’ll help to contain it, keeping your neighbours happy.
  4. Long Lasting Protection: Roller shutter doors are precision built to last for decades. They’ll withstand the worst the weather can throw at them, and serve as protection for your business against strong winds and rain.

Roller Shutter Installers for Milton Keynes

1st Choice Security Systems provides Milton Keynes businesses with heavy duty roller shutter doors. Our installations are perfect for large openings measuring up to 60m wide by up to 12m high. Our doors are made of ribbed, galvanised steel which is hinged vertically by a continuous hinge strip. We regularly create bespoke roller shutter doors with cut outs to accommodate, for example, crane beams.

Roller Shutter Doors in Milton Keynes – Electrical or Manual?

This is really down to the size of the door. For smaller installations, the manual operating system is normally preferable. The door is raised with the aid of a hand chain which drives a fully sprung counter-balanced barrel. This makes the action light and easy to manage. For our smallest installations, the doors can be manually operated without a hand chain.

Where the roller shutter doors are installed in shops, or office buildings we would normally recommend a 240V industrial motor for electric operation. These are operated by key switch, key fob or access control. For industrial premises and warehouses, where tall installations are required, we install industrial motor doors that are operated by push button. Safety brakes are installed as standard on all our doors.

Security System Installations in Milton Keynes

Often businesses in Milton Keynes will ask us to recommend the security system installations that best suit their operating environment. Our experienced security design team will assess your property and consider the range of vulnerabilities it presents. As well as roller shutter doors we also install: security gates; monitored alarms systems; access control systems; and CCTV. Should you consider roller shutter doors to be the best option for your business, we’ll then determine the dimensions and bespoke elements you may need. We always offer flexible scheduling to suit your business.

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