School Gates Design

School Gates Design

School Gates Design

1st Choice Security System Utilises Unique School Gates Design

The 1st Choice Security Systems team has been busy this summer working on 6 school projects based in different parts of the country. It’s unfortunate, but schools now have to consider security as a top priority, and controlling access is the most efficient way to achieve this. Our installation team has, most recently, installed two sets of automatic gates for schools in Uxbridge and Stevenage.

Case Study – Automated Gates for Uxbridge School

We were asked to install automation for a full vehicle gate and pedestrian gate leading into the staff and visitors’ car park. The aim was obviously to enhance security but the school wanted to facilitate easy access for members of staff. An access control system and video intercom system gives reception staff control over who enters the school perimeter.

One unique feature of the schools gates design is our innovative hinge arrangement. This is something we incorporated into our gate systems back in 2007. The hinges on the gates are able to pivot around without creating a crushing point. With lots of small children in the vicinity, this safety mechanism ensures that small fingers, hands and arms can’t be caught, or injured by our automatic gate systems.



Case Study – Automated Gates for Stevenage School

Schools need to be secured throughout much of the day. In the mornings, and at home time, however, they require public access as staff arrive at work, and parents drop off their children. It would be impossible to check every single arrival and departure at these busy times in the day, so access control allows for scheduled periods of public entry in the school day.

This school in Stevenage requested that the 1st Choice team installed full gate automation to their staff and visitor car park. Access control will facilitate the entry of public and staff at busy times of the day. A video intercom system allows school reception staff to assess individual requests for entry throughout the rest of the day, and allow access to known, or expected, visitors.

1st Choice Installs School Security Gates

There’s no standard ‘one size fits all’ for school security gates. Every school is unique, and will want to manage its security in a different way. Where 1st Choice can help is by carrying out a security audit of the premises, discussing security vulnerabilities, and offering a range of bespoke options for managing them.

Our security systems design team have worked in a huge range of operating environments over the years, and understand the security landscape well. They can design bespoke security gates that integrate seamlessly with the specific branding of your school. This may mean using the school colours, crest or name as an integrated feature. Whatever your security requirements, our skilled, professional engineers will find a way to deliver a unique school gates design for you.

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Looking for a unique school gates design as part of your security system? 1st Choice creates bespoke automated security gates for schools. Call us on 0800 118 2414