Automatic Driveway Gate Systems

Automatic Driveway Gate Systems

Automatic Driveway Gate Systems

Driveway Gates That Are Stylish and Secure

Our automatic driveway gate systems provide the perfect welcome to your home, whilst keeping your property secure from intruders. No matter whether you live in a period property, or a contemporary townhouse, 1st Choice designers will create automatic gates that seamlessly blend with your lifestyle, whilst enhancing your security.

At 1st Choice we understand that installing an electric gate or converting a manual driveway gate to an automatic one, is a significant decision. We design gates that are durable, so we want to be sure that your bespoke gate design is exactly what you envisaged for your home. Our goal is to provide you with a swift, competitively priced, and secure automatic driveway gates solution that offers peace of mind, and a warm welcome for guests.

Why Choose Automatic Driveway Gate Systems?

Our custom manufactured gates are designed to fit your gateway perfectly. This not only enhances the way they look; it also maximises their role as a deterrent to crime. Automatic driveway gate systems are known to deter opportunist intruders on the look-out for an easy target. They ensure privacy for your property frontage and act as a first line of defence. Driveway gates fitted with a door entry system allows you to identify visitors before they access your front door.

What Kind of Driveway Gates Will You Choose?

A 1st Choice designers will make a visit to your property to see your driveway, prior to making any recommendations. There are 3 different types of automatic driveway gate systems to choose from: swing gates, sliding gates and bi-folding gates. Deciding which one is right for you will depend, to some extent, on the size, shape and incline on your drive.

  • Swing Gates. This is the driveway gate that springs most readily to mind. An automatic driveway system comprises two gates, which swing open automatically when activated. The driveway needs to be deep enough to accommodate the arc of the gate, and the ground should be flat to avoid the gates sticking when opening.
  • Sliding Gates. If your driveway doesn’t have the depth to accommodate swing gates, or if it’s built on an incline, sliding gates are an excellent alternative. Powered by an electric motor, they are pulled by a simple gear system. Sliding gates normally slide in one direction across your driveway, and they run on a fixed track.
  • Bi-Fold Gates. If you would prefer swing gates, even though your driveway lacks depth, a bi-fold gate often provides a clever solution. The two gates are cut in half, allowing the gates to fold automatically as they open. The arc of the gate is halved, and the speed of the swing is quicker than with full swing gates.

If you have a small driveway, there are a number of ways that we can design stylish bespoke automatic driveway gates for you.

Types of Access Control and Gate Automation

There are a number of ways to manage access for your driveway gate system. Traditionally gate automation has meant using a key card, or fob but there are now a range of systems that will provide you with effective access control for your property:

  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR). Using residential CCTV cameras, your gates will open automatically when authorised numberplates approach. Owners of vehicles with non-authorised numberplates will need to identify themselves before accessing your property.
  • Keypad. A keypad is installed on your gates and visitors who know the code will be able to access the driveway automatically. This can be alongside a door entry system which identifies visitors via an intercom, or video screen, and offers remote entry.
  • Face Recognition. This sophisticated technology uses CCTV cameras to recognise authorised users. They simply turn their faces to the camera as they approach the property, and the gates will open. Non-authorised visitors will be required to identify themselves in order to gain entry.

What Will Your Gates Look Like?

Automatic driveway gate systems can be designed in a range of colours, textures, shapes, and materials. Our engineers work with homeowners to match gates to their property and create the desired welcome for visitors. We designed gates using a range of timbers, steel, wrought iron and aluminium. Whatever we create, it will enhance the style and frontage of your property.

Who Will Maintain Your Gates?

At handover your gates will be working at peak condition. In order to keep them that way they’ll need to be regularly maintained. Because automatic driveway gate systems are installed externally, they’re subject to extreme weather conditions. 1st Choice maintenance engineers will schedule regular checks to ensure that your system works perfectly at all times. And if you do encounter a problem, we can be contacted 24/7.

Working With 1st Choice Security Systems

People make the decision to install automatic driveway gate systems for all kinds of different reasons – which means all our installations are unique. It could be that security is the most important aspect, or maybe it’s all about creating a warm welcome to the property. Perhaps it’s simply about creating a garden that’s safe for pets and children to play in. Whatever your reason, we’ll work with you to create the design and style that’s perfect for your home.

1st Choice Security Systems knows how important it is to be able trust installers working in your home. All our engineers are DBS checked, SafeContractor approved, SSAIB approved, and we’re a DHF member. We work to the ISO2001-2015 standard. Should you need us in an emergency, we are available 24 hours.

Would you like to speak to a 1st Choice engineer about bespoke automatic gates for your driveway? Call us today on 0800 118 2414