Electric Gate Maintenance

Electric Gates Maintenance Bedfordshire

Electric Gate Maintenance

Electric Gate Maintenance

Whatever your reasons for installing an electric gate, the 1st Choice team has found that it very soon becomes an integral part of your life.

That’s because automatic gates:

  • Create a protective first line of defence for homes
  • Manage and protect residential parking for apartment blocks
  • Offer effective management of commercial parking sites
  • Defend vulnerable sites such as schools and colleges

Once it’s in place, therefore, you need to be sure that it will be 100% reliable. Whilst there’s no installation on earth that can boast that degree of efficiency, an electric gate maintenance service you trust, can help to put your mind at rest.

Preventive Electric Gate Maintenance

This is the service 1st Choice Security Systems engineers recommend to all our customers. An automated gate is an external installation that can be subject to all kinds of challenges, such as extreme weather, or slugs taking up residence in the machinery. A preventive maintenance agreement guarantees regular checks to keep your electric gate at peak performance, all year round.

What Does Electric Gate Maintenance Include?

Dependent on the average usage of the gate, and its environment, we’ll schedule in between 2 and 4 maintenance visits per year.

The maintenance checks carried out on each of these occasions will include:

  • All safety devices are working properly
  • The gates, posts and hinges are sound
  • All moving parts are appropriately lubricated
  • Control cabinet and wiring are in good condition
  • Induction loop is working efficiently
  • Bracket and fixings are in place and secure
  • Foundation boxes are thoroughly cleaned
  • Any integrated systems such as access control, intercom or CCTV are tested

Preventive maintenance is like having your car serviced each year. It guarantees that all the systems are in good order, and working as they should. And it can save you a considerable amount of money on repairs!

Emergency Electric Gate Repair

If your electric gates are regularly maintained, it’s unlikely that they’ll need emergency repairs. Should it be required, however, 1st Choice Security Systems include emergency repairs in their maintenance package. And they’re available 24/7 – so whenever the problem occurs, you can be sure that there will be someone with you to tackle the problem, straight away.

Everyone wants an immediate fix on broken electric gates, so that’s what we work to provide. All 1st Choice vans are stocked with all the equipment we need to ensure that we’ll be able to mend your gates there and then. Our reputation’s pretty good as well. In the vast majority of cases our security engineers manage to get your gates operational without having to schedule in further visits.

Why Work With 1st Choice Security Systems?

As a CAMESafe gate automation specialist, we can be relied upon for installing electric gates that are exceptionally high quality. Once installed, we can offer detailed and reliable preventive maintenance for commercial electric gates, or electric gates for homes. Even if you don’t have a maintenance contract with us, we’re available 24/7 and can guarantee a prompt and effective response to any electric gate breakdown.

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