Residential Security Gates in London

Security Gates London

Residential Security Gates in London

Residential Security Gates in London

Two audacious London burglaries made headlines in late 2019. Both involved the theft of jewellery, and targeted properties in wealthy areas. The first, in Haringey, involved the ransacking of a property whilst the victim and her children were actually in the house. The second was a well-organised theft of £50 million worth of jewellery from the home of Tamara Ecclestone whilst she was away for Christmas.

These high profile cases make great copy because of the value of the stolen goods. But there’s a human cost, too. Of the 79.9k burglaries across London last year many left victims shaken by the terror of criminal intrusion into the family home, and the loss of items that couldn’t be replaced because of their sentimental value.

1st Choice are Security Gate Installers in London

Many 1st Choice clients decide to have security gates in London installed as a direct consequence of an attempted burglary. Whilst electric gates won’t stop an organised burglary attempt, they can be relied upon to deter opportunistic thieves. Professionally installed security gates send out a clear message that the homeowner takes security seriously and has defences in place.

1st Choice Security Systems engineers have years of experience in providing effective defences against domestic crime. The first thing we do for homeowners is provide an audit of your property and existing security measures. This allows us to determine where the vulnerable access points are. Once we know this we can offer informed advice on the installation of effective defences.

The Benefits of Security Gates in London

Automatic gates provide a first line of defence for your property. This gives families control over who enters their premises, before they reach the front door. Often we’ll recommend that security gates are enhanced by the installation of a door control system and CCTV cameras. The former allows homeowners to see who’s approaching the house, before granting access. CCTV captures any suspicious activity and footage can be used as evidence should a crime be attempted.

Bespoke Automatic Gates

The installation of security gates is an investment not only in the security of your home, but also in its value. 1st Choice Security Systems design each set of gates to the specific requirements of the client. We provide sliding or swing gates, dependent on the length and incline of your driveway. Our gates are made of wood, wrought iron, or steel and designed and finished to integrate seamlessly with the style and decor of the property.

Why Work With 1st Choice Security Systems

1st Choice Security Systems engineers have been leading the way with bespoke installations of security gates in London. We’ve worked extensively in North London over the past few decades, but we also have clients across the entire region. Our clients appreciate our attention to detail, the care we take in providing an effective bespoke solution, and the professionalism of our engineers.

“When I was looking for a state of the art security solution for my house, I was provided with an in-depth site survey & consultation (Free of charge) before being given a fantastic service. I am very impressed and would highly recommend.” Dev Patel

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In need of CAMESAFE CCTV systems?

Our CAMESAFE Installers have vast knowledge and experience to be able to offer the required security solutions and automation safety for all our security systems.


Looking for high quality, bespoke security gates in London? 1st Choice Security Systems provide a free security audit, and effective protection for your home – 0800 118 2414