Automated Gate Installers

Automated Gate Installers

Automated Gate Installers

1st Choice for Bespoke Residential Automatic Gate Systems

There’s a number of reasons why homeowners decide to invest in automatic gates for their property. Many of our clients love the convenience they afford, the potential value they can add to a home, and the protection they provide for the family. Most important though, they need to look good, and work perfectly. Which is why choosing experienced automated gate installers is so important.

1st Choice offers prompt and efficient electric gate design, installation, and maintenance service. We’re established providers, since 2006, and we work across Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, and North London. We repair legacy gates, and our engineers are familiar with all the major gate automation brands.

A Perfect Fit For Your Driveway

The 1st Choice team offers a bespoke gate design and installation service so that we can guarantee a perfect fit for your driveway. A poorly fitted gate – even if it’s out by just a few millimetres – compromises the finish, the operation, and the security of your installation. Our engineers will ensure that you achieve maximum value from your gates as a result of our attention to detail, and careful craftsmanship.

What to Expect From Automated Gate Installers

The first priority for 1st Choice engineers is to visit your site and look at the dimensions of your driveway. We’ll talk through your ideas with you, answer any questions you may have, and offer any suggestions we think might be helpful. Our engineer will carry out a free security audit in order to discover where your property may be vulnerable to intruders.

Our design and installation quote may include optional additional security features such as residential CCTV, or a door entry system. The 1st Choice team will carry out a full design and installation, including groundworks. We won’t consider the job finished until the fit for your drive is perfect, and the gates are working exactly as they should.

What Kind of Gate System?

Automatic gate systems are operated using a variety of methods, such as remote controls, keypads, or intercom systems. Safety features like sensors and obstruction detection systems are also commonly incorporated to prevent accidents and ensure the security of the property. A key decision for homeowners is what kind of automated gate they would prefer for their driveway:

  • Swing Gates. If you have a driveway with some depth that is perfectly flat, you have the ideal conditions for swing gates. The depth needs to equal the arc of the gates as they swing. If this isn’t the case, we would recommend bi-fold gates which swing and fold at the same time, so you need only half the depth to accommodate them.
  • Sliding Gates. These use the space at the side of your driveway to create a single, or twin sliding gate. They’re elegant, efficient, and an excellent solution for driveways built on an incline. If space is at a premium, telescopic sliding gates use parallel panels to reduce the length of runners required either side.

If you have a driveway with limited depth or width, there are a number of gates for small driveways our automated gate installers can offer. Two of the most popular options in this category are:

  • Bi-Fold Gates. Residential bi-fold gates are designed to fold in a concertina-like manner, occupying less space than full swing gates. Bi-fold gates consist of multiple hinged panels that fold inward or outward when the gate is operated. This folding mechanism allows for efficient use of space, especially in situations where there is limited driveway or entrance area.
  • Telescopic Gates. This is a sliding gate system but instead of a single panel sliding to one side, telescopic gates consist of multiple smaller panels that overlap or telescope into each other when opening or closing. This design enables the gate to occupy a smaller footprint compared to traditional sliding gates.

Wood, Wrought Iron or Aluminium Gates?

Your gate will add instant kerb appeal to your property. Wooden gates tend to provide a more traditional look, whilst aluminium offers a contemporary, minimalist style, and wrought iron is delicately filigree without compromising on strength. We can finish your gates with any colour you choose to match your property’s aesthetic.

Automatic Driveway Gates are a Long-Term Investment

Our security gates are manufactured to be durable; they do, however, take a good deal of punishment from the weather. For this reason, 1st Choice recommends regular gate maintenance. Well maintained gates can be relied upon to do their work of providing convenience, style, and security for a decade or more.

Working With 1st Choice Automated Gate Installers

We understand how important it is to be able trust installers fitting automatic gates near your home. All our engineers are DBS checked, SafeContractor approved, and SSAIB approved. We use a job management system to ensure maximum efficiency and we work to the ISO2001-2015 standard.

Would you like to speak to 1st Choice automated gate installers about bespoke driveway gates for your driveway? Call us today on 0800 1182414