High Security Main Entrance Doors

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Do you have high usage main entrance doors to a communal building?

Are you receiving repeat complaints about main entrance doors being misused causing faults? Are your main entrance doors being easily damaged or vandalized?

If you answer yes to the previously asked questions then you may want to contact us to find out what 1st Choice Security Systems can offer you.

High Security Main Entrance DoorsWe specialize in high security steel communal entrance doors. Doors can be made to suit your needs and include high security magnetic locking. High security glazed panels that can withstand extreme and continuous force from hammers and other heavy objects. Continuous stainless steel hinges and other heavy duty hardware are included.

Can be finished in a number of standard colours in high quality powder coat.
Suited to high usage buildings such as schools, apartment blocks and shops.

Find out how 1st Choice Security Systems can assist you with choosing the correct entrance door


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