CCTV Installations for Cheshunt

CCTV Installations for Cheshunt

CCTV Installations for Cheshunt

CCTV Installations for Cheshunt

Cheshunt, in the county of Hertfordshire sits just 12 miles north of central London, making it a perfect choice for families or young professionals who are unable to afford London prices but don’t want to face a lengthy commute. The town has a fascinating history – Elizabeth 1st grew up there – but it’s now best known for being the birthplace of Cliff Richard, and Olympics gold medal winner, Laura Kenny.

Crime on the Rise in Cheshunt

As is the case with many commuter towns, Cheshunt has seen a recent rise in anti-social behaviour and violent crime. In the past year alone, Hertfordshire has seen a 24% rise in violent crimes reported across the county, and this is reflected in the Cheshunt crime stats comparing the years 2017 and 2018. Local businesses are now indicating their concern for their properties as there are now fewer police officers managing crime across the county.

Business Security Systems for Cheshunt

Shops, local office buildings, and businesses located in or near the town centre have been contacting us to seek advice on improving the security of their premises and employees. Many of them ask us if CCTV surveillance actually works as an effective deterrent against crime. We are able to answer in the positive, based on evidence gathered as a result of our extensive experience in providing business security systems.

The UK Police support the use of CCTV by businesses for the following reasons. CCTV:

  • Is effective in monitoring empty premises.
  • Does the observational work that police patrols have undertaken in the past.
  • Provides footage of criminals and vehicles which can be used in evidence, should a crime take place.
  • Footage can provide clues that offer forensic opportunities.
  • Offers clear evidence of entry and exit points used by criminals.
  • Can be used to corroborate statements given by the witnesses to a crime.

1st Choice Install Security Camera Systems in Cheshunt

Our security systems advisors would concur with the UK Police that CCTV installations can act as a deterrent to crime, and powerful provider of evidence should a crime take place. As a highly recommended installers of Security Camera systems in Cheshunt we would always suggest that CCTV be used as one component in an holistic approach including alarms, security gates and controlled entry.

1st Choice CCTV installations utilise digital video recording technology for user-friendly playback and excellent recording quality. The cameras can be discreet if you require, and the system is refreshingly low maintenance as the hard drive simply resets to record over outdated CCTV security camera footage as the memory becomes full.

If you’re concerned about the security of your commercial or business premises, call 1st Choice Security Systems today on 0800 118 2414 for a detailed diagnostic of your security requirements.


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