Commercial Alarms in Essex

Commercial Alarms in Essex

Commercial Alarms in Essex

Commercial Alarms in Essex

When you take a look at the annual crime rate in Essex, you’ll notice just how different things can be from area to the next. While Essex is far from the most dangerous place in the country to live, it nonetheless has a fair few troubling hotspots. For example, statistics show that robberies and attacks in general, are more common in Basildon and Southend than across the rest of the country.

In the case of the latter, the burglary rate per 1,000 properties was recently recorded as 16 – much higher than the national average. The way we see it, there’s little to gain by living or working in towns like these in a constant state of fear about the potential for crime. Instead, it makes far more sense to protect yourself and your interests with the highest-quality commercial alarm systems on the market.

Business Security Alarms for Essex

When it comes to business security, there’s no such thing as being too safe. It’s the moment you overlook security or begin taking things for granted that the biggest problems tend to present themselves. As criminals are opportunists, they only need to spot the smallest of security flaws to plan and successfully carry out their attacks.

Commercial break-ins, robberies and other crimes aren’t only about financial loss. They can also harm the reputation of your business, deter clients from doing business with you and generally deal a hammer-blow to your brand. While a quality security alarm system represents just one element in a wider business security strategy, it could also be considered the single most important of all.

Monitored Alarm Systems for Essex

Here at 1st Choice Security Systems, we’ve been designing and installing premium-quality commercial alarm systems in Essex since our business was established in 2005. Over the years, we’ve come to know not only what our customers expect of us, but which kinds of security systems are most effective. For businesses looking for the most capable security systems in Essex, we always recommend monitored intruder alarms.

While a traditional intruder alarm can easily be ignored, it’s quite different with a monitored system. The moment the alarm is triggered, a monitoring centre that operates 24/7 will issue an alert – both to the owner of the property and the police. Which means that whatever type of attack is taking place, it can be stopped in its tracks as quickly as possible.

A Powerful Deterrent

It’s not only about stopping attacks in their tracks, either. Research shows that the presence of monitored commercial alarm systems can be one of the most effective deterrents, making it far less likely that your business will be targeted at the first place.

By contrast, with no such alarm system in place, you’re pretty much a sitting duck.

High-end alarm systems with full 24/7 monitoring don’t need to be complicated or overpriced. At least, not when you come to us!

Get in touch with the 1st Choice Security Systems customer service team today for more information, or to discuss our commercial property security solutions.

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